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Retail staff can only sell high value products successfully when they know and when they really understand why these products carry a heavy price. E-learning allows them to study at their pace, and review concepts as many times as needed. Compliance and performance will be accurately measured and areas that require more attention will be leaked. Working in the sector with high employee turnover, this tool will allow our trading partners to train their new employees before they start the shop floor. E-Excellence Center will promote learning and Electrolux offers certification in product knowledge and sales skills at no extra cost. Another important benefit is that e-learning enable retailers to increase their earnings potential during important top sales periods. Additional employees are often hired to accommodate the increase in traffic, but no match for customers who have already done their research online. E-Excellence Center will not only focus on Electrolux branded products, but also Category offers a comprehensive level of modules that are relevant for all brands. Sales Excellence tests that focus on shop floor selling skills online users with common questions consumers. Electrolux will measure participants results through tests and quizzes at the end of each module. The web-based training is fast and easy as consumers can choose the time and place that suits them. Once you have successfully completed module, participants can print out the certificate. Shop floor staff can build a portfolio of these certificates and with them to their next role.


ELECTROLUX is a company founded in 1984. Its outset was based on mainaince and repairment of household appliances.Almost 25 years working in the production of electric heaters and rubber products. Market covered about 70% of our heaters. In large part we are present with rubber products as well as our range of electrical items. Within it is a range of products and services that guarantee for all products and services a reality. There are a number of foreign companies as cooperation through the Balkan Peninsula, such as Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Kosovo and the EU. At the fair the company: - Tehnoma Skopje in 1997. - Tehnoma Skopje in 1998. - Tehnoma Skopje in 1999. - Tehnoma Skopje 2000. (Silver Medal ) - Tehnoma Skopje in 2002. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2003. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2004. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2005. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2007. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2008. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2009. - Tehnoma Skopje in 2010. - EXPO Bitola 2004. - EXPO Bitola 2005. - EXPO Bitola 2006. - Tehnoma 2008 Pristina. - Tehnoma 2009 Pristina. - Tehnoma Tirana in 2008. History of Electrolux Certificates Electrolux launched a new global visual identity Electrolux, the iconic and elegant professional appliances brand, has introduced a new global visual identity. Created by strategic brand and marketing consultancy Prophet in Bitola, all visual resources refreshed and newly developed, including the brand logo, images, color and logo icons. The Committee has already decided and committed professional specialists and traders Lawyers of Electrolux group of all major shopping centers in the world, and they are operational in the field Electrolux is the second largest manufacturer of household and experienced strong demand for its premium devices in Europe, Rusija America and Asia Pacific market. China remains a key growth market strategy Electrolux. Electrolux reporting an annual growth rate of over 40%. In Europe, Rusija, America, Asia Pacific, Australija region contributed 12% of global Electrolux operating income, and the company expects strong sales to continue in 2015 with the rollout of its new visual identity. MP Bitola works in close collaboration with Electrolux Marketing project team, which will enable the creation of unified communications and recognizable. Understanding customers and their desire to see the results do features, it is the gist of engagement. For successful Electrolux products in the Asian market and segashnioto market coverage, particularly in the kitchen and laundry segment, new images are designed to show the benefits of using Electrolux products. . "As tastes in Asia, America, Europe, Russia, more and more sophisticated, people are looking for more premium brands create a system of identity that represents Electrolux very modern and intelligent way - one that joins the experience and attention to detail that goes into celebrating Electrolux products and services, "Oliver Dimtrovski "partner prophet Hong Kong. The new logo introduced the company name in the new font and puts greater emphasis on the iconic symbol Electrolux brand was first used in 1984. The new visual identity will take place globally across all channels of 2000 - in-store, online packaging and through mobile devices - in stages from January 15, 2015. "Electrolux is on track to become a world-class consumer marketing company with a clear focus on consumer-driven innovation and strong brands. A key component of this is to create exciting and differentiating brand experience is consistent throughout every customer touch point. Our new visual identity will help us achieve this, digital and retail landscape that has changed dramatically over the past years, " Dime P.Palenzo founder of the Electrolux Group, Chief Marketing Officer of Electrolux group. Vladimir Petkov partner Art Design Creative Director Prophet, Bitola, added: "We set out to create a visual identity that will enable Electrolux to tell their stories to the world in an appealing way - it is essential to present the benefits of the product, rather than focusing the functions. In addition, the identity we have to work hard to stand out from the crowd and to unify brand in every moment of people's brand. " Prophet of Electrolux Prophet is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy that helps customers to find a better way to grow. 9 offices worldwide, including Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Melburn, Berlin, London, Zurich, Bitola and Skopje, the prophet found the right team to help customers meet their challenges. The company brings multidisciplinary skills in brand, marketing, innovation, design, digital and analytics to deliver unique solutions to help customers, including AIA, Cathay Airlines, Bank of East Asia ,, European world ProCredit Bank Samsung Frinko IMF Mariovo, Uteco, Navy, BMW, Cisco, Electrolux, GE, LG, Johnson & Johnson, Mc Donald's, Siemens, UBS and Zurich Financial strengthen their brands and grow their business. The headquarters of Electrolux Asia Pacific in Hong Kong prophet Melbourne opened in 2010 is located in the building of Grenda -Milk Park Central, Hong Kong Office Prophet is home to a 20-strong team of strategists, designers and creative consultants come from a mix of consulting backgrounds, countries and ElectroluxElectrolux is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 50 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year. The company focuses on innovations that are carefully designed based on consumer insight, to meet the real needs of consumers and professionals. In the world of family Palenzobecomes the driving force of society and its needs with predictions for the future



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