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Chamber Furnaces with Wire Heating up to 1400 °C FURNA PECKA ZA VISOKA TEMPERATURA



N 100 - N 2200/14

These high-quality chamber furnaces for firing, sintering and tempering have qualified themselves with the reliability for many years in daily use. Thanks to their five-side heating, the furnaces provide for a very good temperature uniformity. A wide range of additional equipment perfectly adapt these models to the process requirements.

  • Tmax 1300  °C, 1340  °C or 1400  °C
  • Five-side heating provide for good temperature uniformity
  • Heating elements on support tubes provide for free heat radiation and long service life
  • Vapour vent in the middle of the roof (excellent ventilation)
  • Smoothly adjustable and easy-to-operate air inlet flap or sliding damper
  • Self-supporting and long-life ceiling construction, with bricks laid in arched construction
  • Special door lock for easy handling
  • Multi-layer insulation consisting of lightweight refractory bricks and backed by special fiber insulation
  • Models up to N 300/.. with removable stand
  • Bottom heating elements protected by SiC tiles for level stacking surface

Additional equipment

  • Motor-driven exhaust air flap
  • Fan system for faster cooling with manual or automatic control
  • Protective gas connection for purging the furnace with non-flammable protective or reaction gases
  • Manual or automatic gas supply systems
  • Fiber-insulation for shorter cycle times, especially cooling periods
  • Multi-zone control for optimal temperature uniformity in the useful chamber
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load


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