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Cold-Wall Retort Furnaces up to 2400 °C FURNA PECKA ZA VISOKA TEMPERATURA



VHT 8/18-GR - VHT 500/18-KE

The compact furnaces of the VHT product line are available as electrically heated chamber furnaces with graphite, molybdenum, tungsten or MoSi2 heating. A wide variety of heating designs as well as a complete range of accessories provide for optimal furnace configurations even for sophisticated applications.

The vacuum-tight retort allows heat treatment processes either in protective and reaction gas atmospheres or in a vacuum, subject to the individual furnace specs to 10-5 mbar. The basic furnace is suited for operation with non-flammable protective or reactive gases or under vacuum. The H2 version provides for operation under hydrogen or other flammable gases. Key of the specification up is a certified safety package providing for a safe operation at all times and triggers an appropriate emergency program in case of failure.

Alternative Heating Specifications

The following heating systems are available for the different application temperatures:

VHT ../GR with Graphite Insulation and Heating

  • Suitable for processes under protective and reaction gases or under vacuum
  • Tmax 1800  °C or 2200  °C (2400 °C as additional equipment)
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-4 mbar depending on pump type used
  • Graphite felt insulation

VHT ../MO or ../W with Molybdenum or Tungsten Heating

  • Suitable for high-purity processes under protective and reaction gases or under high vacuum
  • Tmax 1200  °C, 1600  °C or 1800  °C (see table)
  • Max. vacuum up to 5 x 10-5 mbar depending on pump type used
  • Insulation made of molybdenum rsp. tungsten radiation sheets

VHT ../KE with Fiber Insulation and Heating through Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements

  • Suitable for processes under protective and reaction gases, in air or under vacuum
  • Tmax 1800  °C
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-2 mbar (up to 1300  °C) depending on pump type
  • Insulation made of high purity aluminum oxide fiber


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