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The warranty period for all Electrolux Ltd     products is 12 months for the first installation  of the product  on the date of installation  or  60 days to purchase spare parts  for our electric heaters and spare parts. Heaters and  appliances with  spare parts must be connected to the prescribed voltage, under conditions that ensure a safe and quality work.


Installation and replacement of  Mr Rainey bodies and Spare  Parts of   professionally trained and authorized persons (a list of our services in the official   website   of the  (  Electrolux Service  ). The warranty is valid only if the heater and spare these  parts are  used in a proper and orderly manner in the middle planned appropriate for the type of  electric  heater  and Back Part   you use. Spare parts for boiler and heating system must be  installed by an authorized person and professional  , and the condition of six regular maintenance (cleaning ovens of lime) prepared by the authorized person. In the event that spare parts and the heater is not used in the prescribed manner (adequate voltage, the environment in which it operates, etc.) is not incorporated or   amenet and not   by an authorized person ( imperious warranty) Warranty  and (Account)  does not apply  and is not valid



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