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Chamber Furnaces for Heat Cleaning gas-fired with integrated thermal afterburner FURNA PECKA ZA VISOKA TEMPERATURA



The chamber furnaces in the model series NBCL are used for heat cleaning of components. An optimum temperature uniformity is not a priority for these processes. Examples are heat cleaning of electric motors, coated surfaces of steel components or the nozzles of plastic injection molding machines. The furnaces are gas-fired and have an integrated thermal afterburner system which is also gas-fired. The pre-set, low-oxygen respectively reducing atmosphere in the furnace effectively prevents spontaneous combustion at the workpiece and subsequent damage as a result of over-temperature. The generated exhaust gases are guided from the furnace chamber into the thermal afterburner where they are incinerated. Depending on the type of exhaust gas involved complete incineration is possible. For safe operation, the furnace door locks after program start and cannot be opened again until the temperature has dropped below 180 °C at the process end. In case of a burner flame malfunction or gas shortage the process is aborted. In addition, the control system is equipped with an over-temperature limiter with manual reset that is set by the customer at a safe cut-off temperature to switch off the furnace if the limit is exceeded. The furnaces are not suitable for components and coatings that contain solvents or a high concentration of water. These models must also not be used for charges with low flash points such as wood, paper or wax.


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