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Air Circulation Chamber Furnaces for Debinding in Air up to 650 °C FURNA PECKA ZA VISOKA TEMPERATURA



N 120/65 HACDB - N 500/65 HACDB

The air circulation chamber furnaces N 120/65 HACDB - N 500/65 HACDB are perfectly suited for debinding processes that require a good temperature uniformity due to the parts geometry or characteristics of the binder. The powerful, horizontal air circulation with high air flow rate provides for full utilization of the furnace in different charging layers. Uniform process results are ensured even for small components, such as CIM manufactured parts. On request, the furnaces can be equipped with catalytic or thermal afterburning to clean the exhaust gases. Following the debinding the components are transferred to the sintering furnace.

  • Tmax 650  °C
  • Powerful, horizontal air circulation provides for a temperature uniformity of ΔT 8 K according to DIN 17052
  • Debinding package I with passive safety package and monitoring of the underpressure in the furnace chamber, exhaust gas fan, fresh air fan, preset underpressure in the furnace chamber, controlled by Nabertherm controller P 300
  • Connection port for further piping behind the exhaust fan
  • Welded inside housing of the furnace made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Holders for removable trays for charging in multiple layers
  • 3 removable trays included with delivery
  • Heating switched with low-wear semiconductor relay
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load

Additional equipment

  • Additional trays
  • Controlled cooling including PLC control of the heating and cooling air fan
  • Fresh air preheating and controlled fan cooling, including PLC control of the furnace heating as well as the fresh air preheating as a second heat source
  • Debinding package II with passive safety concept
  • Thermal or catalytic exhaust cleaning systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Commissioning of the furnace with test firing and temperature uniformity measurement (also with load) for the purpose of process optimization
  • Process documentation and control with Controltherm MV software package, NTLog and NTGraph for the basic furnace or Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for monitoring, documentation and control


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