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Gas-Fired Chamber Furnaces up to 1600 °C FURNA PECKA ZA VISOKA TEMPERATURA



The gas-fired high-temperature furnaces of the HTB product line are specially developed for applications requiring fast heating up ramps. Gas-fired furnaces are preferred also if inflammable gases are produced in large amounts during the process. A large content of the gas emissions are already burned in the furnace chamber, so that downstream equipment like thermal and catalytic exhaust cleaners can accordingly be downsized. The furnaces are insulated with highly heat-resistant and long-life lightweight refractory brick insulation or fiber materials.

  • Tmax 1600  °C
  • Powerful, sturdy high-speed burners with pulse control and special flame guidance in the furnace chamber provide for good temperature uniformity
  • Operation with natural gas, propane or liquified gas
  • Fully automatic PLC control of the temperature, including monitoring of the burner function
  • Gas fittings according to DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) with flame monitoring and safety valve
  • Reduction-resistant fiber insulation with low heat storage provides for short heating and cooling times
  • Dual shell housing provides for low outside temperatures
  • Exhaust hood with fittings for further discharge of the exhaust gases
  • PLC control with touch panel as user interface

Additional equipment

  • Automatic lambda control to set the furnace atmosphere
  • Debinding package for debinding and sintering with corresponding safety technology
  • Exhaust air and exhaust gas piping
  • Recuperator burners
  • Thermal or catalytic exhaust cleaning systems
  • Process display and documentation via Nabertherm Control Center (NCC)


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